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CTH E, Oconomowoc River Structure, Waukesha County

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Project Snapshot

Could spring in Wisconsin finally be here? After the coldest March in nearly 30 years and an April that more than doubled the monthly average rainfall, perhaps spring has indeed arrived. There is nothing like having an exceptionally wet April when you are trying to build a dam! In April there was 7.42 inches of precipitation while the usual precipitation for the month of April is a little over 3.5 inches. During the second and third weeks of April, Radtke Contractors endured 3.93 and 2.94 inches of rain, respectively. Despite the heavy rains, Radtke still managed to stay on schedule.

In the April Construction Update, we saw Radtke Contractors’ construction of the cofferdam around the old dam structure and we followed their progress through the construction of the floor slab of the new dam structure. Despite the less than ideal weather conditions, there has been quite a bit of progress and the project has started to take shape.

Status Update

In the first week of April, Radtke Contractors poured the concrete floor slab for the new dam structure. In week 2, Radtke formed and poured the walls of the new structure. In week 3 they formed and poured the dam portion of the structure. Finally in the last week of April, Radtke formed and poured the top slab of the structure. Radtke has backfilled around the new structure and filled in the remaining heavy rip-rap at the front of the structure and has filled in the remaining heavy field stone at the outfall of the new structure. Also notable is the installation of the structural steel components at the front (dam) portion of the structure. Radtke has erected the steel support beams and steel grating on the structure’s maintenance deck. They have also installed the hand-railing around the maintenance deck.

Meet Our Team

If you have not already met them, our team includes:

Jim Clements, R.A. Smith National, Consultant Project Engineer

Brian Much, Radtke Contractors, Contractor’s Project Manager

Jim Ferg, Radtke Contractors, Contractor’s Project Foreman

Kevin Yanny, P.E., Waukesha County Dept. of Public Works, County Project Manager

Looking Ahead

In the coming weeks, Radtke will install the gates in the front of the structure (dam). Once the gates are installed, Radtke will then close off the temporary by-pass channel, pull the cofferdam sheeting at the front of the new structure and will re-direct the river flow back into the new structure. With the river re-directed into the new structure, Radtke will be able to fill in the temporary by-pass channel and restore the grounds to the original contours.

Radtke’s grading crews will begin roadway restoration. Roadway restoration will occur starting at the north end of the project in front of the Monches Mill House property and will extend to a location just beyond the driveway of the residence at the northwest corner of Hartley Road and CTH E. The existing roadway surface will be ground-up and re-used in the sub-base of the new road. The width of the driving lanes of the new roadway will effectively remain unchanged; however, there will be wider shoulders and new beam guard throughout the entire length of the new roadway.

It is anticipated that gate installation should take place over the third and fourth weeks of May. The river will be diverted into the new structure around June 1 and backfill of the by-pass channel will begin immediately after the river has been diverted. Look for the roadway restoration to begin by the middle of June. Weather permitting, it is anticipated that the entire project will be completed by mid-July. Your patience so far has been much appreciated and with a little more time, CTH E in Monches will have a whole new look!

The walls in the front half of the double barrel box culvert have been
formed and poured while the walls in the back half of the structure
are formed and ready to go. The walls are 55 ft (long) x 1 ft (thick)
x 5 ft (tall).

This is a picture of the forming at the front (dam) portion of the
new structure. When these forms are stripped away, these heavy
duty walls will be rounded at the front and will be slotted to receive
the gates for the dams.

Here is the heavy duty dam walls with the rounded front faces.
The walls have two slots each, one slot to accommodate movable
gates and one slot for stop logs.

Looking towards the front of the structure, pictured here is the top
slab of the box culvert. Also pictured at the front of the slab is a
formed-up 4 foot wall section that will support deck grating for the
maintenance deck.

Both sides of the new structure are backfilled with tight compacting
soil which forms an impermeable water barrier between the Mill
pond and the down stream side of the new structure.

The structure is backfilled all the way up to the top slab. Also seen
here is the new maintenance deck which is surrounded by railing.
The wood posts will be supports for new beam guard which will be
installed later.

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