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Janesville Road Reconstruction, Waukesha County

The City Muskego’s main thoroughfare was completed in June 2014.

The City of Muskego’s main thoroughfare was completed in June 2014.


June 4, 2014

The second phase of the Janesville Road reconstruction project is nearing completion.
Over the past several weeks the contractors have completed the installation of the sidewalks; installed new concrete driveway openings to all businesses and residents on the project; and completed the installation of the asphalt and concrete driveways.

Work has also been progressing on the landscaping on the project. The Community Identity monuments are nearing completion, as are the raised planter beds throughout the project. The contractor has been working around the rain to install the topsoil and sod with completion of both tentatively scheduled during the week of June 9.

The major item of work that remains on the project is the installation of the final two-inch layer of asphalt on Janesville Road and the entire side street on the project. 
Work on this item is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 9, weather permitting. On Monday the contractor will begin with the final preparatory work on the roadway. At that time the contractor will mill away two inches of the existing asphalt at all of the match points with the existing roads to create a space for the placement of the final two-inch layer of asphalt. When this work is completed on Monday, there will be a two-inch “lip” between the existing roadway and the new pavement that has been installed as part of the Janesville Road project. Please drive accordingly as this two-inch “lip” is unavoidable.   

On Tuesday, June 10, weather permitting, the contractor will complete the milling on the project.  Once the milling is completed, the contractor will begin the final cleaning of the roadway. It is necessary for the contractor to remove all dirt and debris from the roadway so that a permanent bond will occur between the existing asphalt and the asphalt that is being installed. Once the roadway has been cleaned, we ask that you:  do not mow your lawn in a manner that would blow grass clippings on the roadway; refrain from watering your lawn; and refrain from cleaning anything where dirt and debris could be washed onto the roadway.

On Wednesday and Thursday, June 11 and 12, the contractor will be placing the final two-inch layer of asphalt on Janesville Road. Traffic on Janesville Road will remain restricted to one lane of traffic in each direction. Additionally, there will be longer traffic delays on Wednesday and Thursday as there will be increased construction activity on the roadway during those days.  Prior to the contractor beginning paving operations they will be installing a “tack coat” of material on the roadway. This “tack coat” helps with the bonding of the newly installed asphalt to the old asphalt. The use of this material is essential to the process. This material is a black tar-like material that not only helps the tow layers of asphalt stick together, but will stick to shoes, car tires, concrete driveways, carpets, etc.   Please exercise caution around this material and try to avoid walking or driving on it.

On Friday and possibly Saturday, June 13 and 14, the contractor is planning on completing the installation of the last two inches of asphalt on all side streets.

Once paving is complete, the contractor will complete the project by painting the traffic lines. Barring any unforeseen delays, the contractor anticipates the work will be completed on or before Saturday, June 22.

Please direct all questions concerning installation of trees on the terraces in front of your home or business to the City of Muskego.

Also, please remember that the speed limit on Janesville Road from Racine Avenue to Parkland Drive is still 25 mph until all construction activity on the project is completed. This is an enforceable, not an advisory, speed limit. In addition, please be aware that as work has restarted on the project, there will be equipment, trucks and workers entering and exiting the closed lanes throughout the project until the project is completed on June 14. Please exercise additional caution when driving through the project as lane configurations may change on a weekly, daily or hourly basis depending on the nature of the work that the contractor will need to be performing at any given time.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the project or information in this posting, please do not hesitate to contact the project staff. The field office is located at S73W16582 Janesville Road; the field office telephone number is (414) 422-4751. The Construction Project Leader is Mr. Bret Swenson who can be contacted at or by phone at 414-313-5940. In addition to Mr. Swenson, you can also contact Mr. Mike Mentzel, the Assistant Construction Project Leader at or by phone at 414-507-1080.  

Thank you again for your cooperation during construction and for your understanding of the delays that will occur this spring while the contractor completes the remaining work.   

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ribbon cutting ceremony for Janesville Road (CTH L)

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for Janesville Road (CTH L) was
held on June 26, 2014.



R.A. Smith National, Inc. has been hired by Waukesha County to provide construction management services for the upcoming reconstruction of Janesville Road (CTH L).     

Mr. Mike Mentzel of R.A. SmithNational, Inc. has been assigned to the project as the Construction Project Engineer and will be providing information on this site concerning the construction schedule and plan starting in early 2012.  Mr. Mentzel can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 262-317-3338 with questions or concerns that you have regarding the construction of the project.

The project involves the total reconstruction of the section of Janesville Road from Moorland Road to Lannon Road and will involve the conversion of the roadway from a two lane road to a four lane road with a median.  Construction activities are tentatively expected to start in April/May of 2012 and be completed by mid November, 2012.  Detailed information concerning the construction activities will be provided on this site starting in late February, 2012 after a contractor has been hired by Waukesha County to construct the project.

While the actual reconstruction of Janesville Road is not beginning until spring of 2012, relocation of the existing gas, electric, telephone and cable television utilities out of the road reconstruction area is tentatively scheduled to start in mid to late October 2011.  The work is being performed by the utilities in question and is anticipated to last from October, 2011 until early spring of 2012.   

The utilities involved will be making direct contact with all affected residents and businesses to coordinate this work with them. If you have questions or concerns regarding the utility relocation work, please contact the appropriate utility representative. When the utilities representatives contact residents and businesses, they will also provide the respective contact information. 


If you are experiencing problems with the utility company representatives please contact either Mr. Ed Hinrichs of Waukesha County at 262-548-7740 or Mr. Mike Mentzel of R.A. Smith National and they will work with the utility to obtain an answer to your question.  

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