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R.A. Smith National’s online grants directory contains state and federal funding resources most suited to the needs of local government units (cities, towns, villages, counties) in Wisconsin. Non-profits may also benefit from knowledge of some of the resources based on your level of interaction with local government.

If you are a small business, a better resource for you is a database of financing and technical assistance on WEDC’s website at or the SBDC Wisconsin Business Answer Line at 800-940-7232 or

Grants and Funding Database Disclaimer

In order to launch the Grants and Funding Database you must read and agree with the following data disclaimer. R.A. Smith National is pleased to provide the Grants and Funding Directory for communities, non-profits, businesses and others seeking financial resources. The directory is comprised primarily of state of Wisconsin and federal funding programs. The directory is a single resource for approximately 250 funding programs available through nearly 100 local, state and federal agencies and organizations.

Information in the directory was compiled from governmental agencies and other resources. Although every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy, the information in the guide should be used as a reference source only. It is the user’s responsibility to verify any information derived from the directory before making any decisions or taking any actions based on the information. Confirmation of grant and funding information should be made directly with the respective agencies. R.A. Smith National implies no warranty for the information and assumes no responsibility for the use of the information herein.

R.A. Smith National does not guarantee that the data will be available to users without interruption or error. Furthermore, R.A. Smith National may modify or remove information at will.

Reproduction of any information contained within the directory for commercial use is prohibited. Copyright R.A. Smith National.

I have read and understood that I (and my organization) will be bound by the above statements.

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