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Geodatabase Development/Data Conversion, Manitowoc, Wisconsin

by Karen Wiesneski 3. April 2012 10:34

An Esri geodatabase is being developed to best manage the city of Manitowoc’s sanitary, storm sewer and storm water management datasets. The project scope involves developing an informational model; converting sanitary and storm sewer MicroStation files and storm water management shapefiles into the sewer geodatabase; developing mapping procedures for the continued efficient management of the resulting sewer geodatabase features and attributes; and developing an automated routine to export from the geodatabase back to MicroStation file format.

MicroStation to Esri

Pioneer Drive, Muskego, Wisconsin

by Karen Wiesneski 3. April 2012 10:31

Roadway plans and construction specifications are being prepared for the reconstruction of Pioneer Drive from Janesville Road (CTH L) to Racine Avenue (CTH Y). Services being provided include survey, roadway and water main design, recreational path design, utility coordination, storm sewer, wetland delineation, landscape and streetscape design, public involvement, and agency/permit coordination. The project will be constructed in spring/summer 2012.

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