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W. Grange Avenue Bioswale, Village of Greendale, Wisconsin

by Karen Wiesneski 7. March 2012 07:08

Presenter:  Len Roecker, P.E., RLS, R.A. Smith National
2012 Waukesha County Storm Water MS4 Permit Workshop
Pewaukee, Wisconsin
March 14, 2012

Len will discuss the design and construction of a bioswale to collect and treat storm water runoff as part of a transportation improvement project along Grange Avenue in the village of Greendale, Wisconsin. Len is the director of municipal services at R.A. Smith National and the village engineer for the village of Greendale.

Watch a video MMSD created with the help of the village of Greendale and R.A. Smith National's Len Roecker.

Read more about the W. Grange Avenue project.

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