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7 Mile Road Racine County

by Karen Wiesneski 3. April 2012 10:25

Construction management services are being provided for this 1.3-mile, $10-million reconstruction and reconfiguration of the 7 Mile Road/I-94 interchange ramps and frontage roads. The entrance/exit ramps are being reconfigured as a diamond interchange. The east frontage road is being routed around current businesses and residences adjacent to the existing frontage roads both north and south of 7 Mile Road. The west frontage road is being routed west of 7 Mile Fair and other area businesses. Storm water detention ponds are planned for the northeast and southeast quadrants of the interchange. The project further entails grading, marsh excavation, select subbase, base aggregate, HMA pavement, concrete pavement, storm sewer, culverts, drainage structures, erosion control, permanent signing, traffic control, pavement markings, contaminated material handling, fencing, detention pond, lighting, restoration and incidentals.

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