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What's Happening in Your Sanitary Sewer System?

by Lindsie Nelson 24. July 2013 09:26

If you are interested in improving the operation and maintenance of your sanitary sewer system, then remote flow monitoring and real-time access can provide the answers you need.

R.A. Smith National uses cellular technology to access information about the sanitary sewer system flows in your community. The cellular modems allow access from any computer to flow meters we can install in your sanitary sewer. This process provides a safer and more efficient means over traditional methods to view the data collected at each metering site. The reports that we generate provide a clear picture of the overall performance of your sewer system at any given time. We can also setup an alarm-type system to alert you of high sewer flow, manhole surcharging and other critical events during periods of operation and maintenance.

Discover more about how our flow monitoring services can assist your community by contacting Chris Stamborski. 

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