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Spring Has Sprung; Think Wetland Delineations

by Heather Patti 19. March 2012 08:01

Happy Spring! The fieldwork season for wetland delineations is quickly approaching. Wetland delineations must be conducted during the “growing season” – which has many definitions. Both the traditional agricultural usage of the frost-free period and scientists’ concept of biological zero are included in the definition of “growing season.”

Since we usually lack direct soil temperature data, agency guidance allows for field observations of above-ground plant growth to estimate the onset of the growing season. Here’s what I look for – if above-ground plant growth (known as “green out”) is readily observable in the form of bud burst on woody plants, emergence of herbaceous plants from the ground, or opening of flowers, then I know the growing season has sprung!



Remotely Manage Your Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring Sites

by Chris Stamborski 19. March 2012 07:59
R.A. Smith National is taking advantage of newer technology to remotely manage several sanitary sewer flow monitoring sites for multiple clients in southeastern Wisconsin. We have the unique ability to either utilize our own equipment or subsidize services in process by many of our clients to make the collection effort a more cost-effective and reliable process. Let me know if your municipality would like more information about the cost-saving benefits of this service. We are currently providing sanitary sewer flow monitoring to 11 communities in southeastern Wisconsin. 

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Introducing R.A. Smith National In Person

by Tyler Hauser 19. March 2012 06:18

Today we are introducing In Person, R.A. Smith National’s blog on ideas, our industry, people, events, thoughts and more. Importantly, it’s about connecting people. Feel free to post your comment and share.




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