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Wisconsin Changes Professional Surveyor Designation

by John Casucci 30. May 2014 08:30

As of September 1, 2014, all registered land surveyors in the state of Wisconsin will have the designation Professional Land Surveyor (PLS). Prior to this change, surveyors were referred to as a Licensed Land Surveyor, Registered Land Surveyor or Professional Land Surveyor, all of which are interchangeable titles referencing the same certification. This change was enacted to clarify state laws and standardize the designation. 





Wisconsin Implements J-Turn Intersections

by Tom Conto 19. May 2014 05:04

J-turn intersections, also known as restricted crossing U-turns, are being implemented in Wisconsin and nationwide. These new intersections are changing how motorists navigate through high-speed, divided highways. The J-turn requires motorists that intend to go left or straight at these intersections, first turn right onto the roadway and then perform a U-turn at the indicated “J” turning location.

This new intersection design reduces the number of traffic crossing points, minimizing the likelihood of fatal accidents. Drivers have a significantly reduced chance of side-impact collisions in a J-turn intersection because the vehicle doesn’t directly cross over multiple lanes of traffic.  

R.A. Smith National provided construction oversight and management for the J-Turn intersection constructed at the WIS 23 and County M intersection in Sheboygan County. Prior to installation of the J-Turn, this intersection had a high rate of right-angle vehicle collisions. Three additional intersections - Fairview Drive, CTH E and Pleasant View at WIS 23 - were constructed with dedicated left-turn lanes and right-turn only intersections to further reduce accident potential.

View this video released by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation explaining how to drive in a J-turn and its benefits. 


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