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Navigating Through Work Zones

by Benjie Hayek 13. August 2014 04:11

Road construction is in full swing and it seems everywhere you look there’s a sea of orange barrels, lanes closures and heavy equipment. There are currently 26 Wisconsin Department of Transportation projects spread over the interstates, major highways, freeways and rural state roadways in the southeastern region of the state alone. Major reconstruction projects span miles of roadway and you should know some helpful tips to successfully navigate these work zones.

#1. Pre-plan your travel. 

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has developed Construction 511 for up-to-date construction information. 

Here you can check out:

  • Real-time travel information including closures, incidents, travel times and more
  • Project news including schedules, updates, maps and project publications
  • Project images and videos
  • Resource information, business toolkits, transportation options and FAQs

#2. Safely enter and leave a work zone.

  • Read and obey the advanced warning signs, especially when travel lanes are reduced
  • Do not wait until the last second to move over for a lane closure – most accidents happen at this point
  • Do not speed – (fines double in work zones!)
  • Follow posted detour routes and signs
  • Watch for construction vehicles entering and leaving work zones
  • Be focused, patient and courteous
  • Do not speed when you see the “End Construction” sign

Just remember, road construction is only an inconvenience for a little while, whereas the new bridges, interchanges and roadway enhancements will last a long time to come. Drive safe and informed!


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