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Wisconsin Implements J-Turn Intersections

by Tom Conto 19. May 2014 05:04

J-turn intersections, also known as restricted crossing U-turns, are being implemented in Wisconsin and nationwide. These new intersections are changing how motorists navigate through high-speed, divided highways. The J-turn requires motorists that intend to go left or straight at these intersections, first turn right onto the roadway and then perform a U-turn at the indicated “J” turning location.

This new intersection design reduces the number of traffic crossing points, minimizing the likelihood of fatal accidents. Drivers have a significantly reduced chance of side-impact collisions in a J-turn intersection because the vehicle doesn’t directly cross over multiple lanes of traffic.  

R.A. Smith National provided construction oversight and management for the J-Turn intersection constructed at the WIS 23 and County M intersection in Sheboygan County. Prior to installation of the J-Turn, this intersection had a high rate of right-angle vehicle collisions. Three additional intersections - Fairview Drive, CTH E and Pleasant View at WIS 23 - were constructed with dedicated left-turn lanes and right-turn only intersections to further reduce accident potential.

View this video released by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation explaining how to drive in a J-turn and its benefits. 


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