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Technology Drives Traffic Count Efficiencies

by Pat Hawley 13. June 2012 05:13

Newer technology is driving efficiencies in the traffic count process. R.A. Smith National recently used a Miovision video camera to complete traffic counts for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation at several roadway intersections for the alternate route evaluation of the I-39 corridor project in the city of Janesville, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas.

The use of Miovision provides cost and time efficiencies (especially in remote locations where significant travel time savings can be achieved), by allowing one field person to collect data at several intersections.

Here’s how it works. The Miovision video camera is set up at an intersection to record all vehicles travelling through the intersection.  After the count is complete, the digital video is uploaded to Miovision. The Miovision software identifies, counts and records all vehicles traveling through the intersection (within 98% accuracy), and a traffic count report is then downloaded back to R.A. Smith National. 





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