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"Volcano Domes" of Mulch Could Destroy Your Trees

by Tom Mortensen 6. May 2013 17:58

You see them everywhere, except in the woods. Lumpy, domed volcanos of mulch around the bases of every tree on a site. What some people don’t realize is that they are slowly stressing and ultimately killing their trees. Building up mulch against the trunk of a tree 4” to 6” and sometimes even 10” above the natural root flare is a very effective way to stress and kill a tree. This can cause fungus and insect infestations at the base of the tree, cracking of the bark and girdling from mice that like to live over winter in these volcano domes. If you can’t see the root flare where the buttress roots meet the original ground level, you have too much mulch or soil on the tree.



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