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Franklin Business Park - Franklin, Wisconsin

Franklin Business Park - Franklin, WisconsinR.A. Smith National provided the surveying, site planning, engineering design, and construction management/on-site inspection. This $25 million expansion, now valued at over $100 million, was phased over an eight-year period with construction completed in 1998. The project entailed 25,000 l.f. sanitary sewer, 40,000 l.f. water main, 30,000 l.f. storm sewer, 2.5 million cubic yards material for rough and fine grading of the site, 40,000 tons asphaltic binder course, 34,000 l.f. concrete curb and gutter, irrigation systems, a new bridge, and detention ponds.

Franklin was looking for financing strategies and alternatives that rendered the expansion feasible without depleting the city’s general revenue fund nor increasing taxes. R.A. Smith National coordinated the efforts of investment bankers, legal and bond counsel, real estate consultants, land appraisal specialists and planning specialists to address the city’s financial concerns. A tax incremental finance (TIF) district was developed and a Community Development Authority was formed. 

Design challenges included cleaning up an environmentally contaminated site and using the site to build a 4-acre pond for stormwater and aesthetic purposes. Additionally, the main access road through the site was designed as a boulevard with median openings at selected locations to facilitate traffic movement during peak traffic periods.

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