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USH 41 - Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

USH 41 - Fond Du Lac, WisconsinConstruction services were provided for the resurfacing of a 6.7-mile stretch of Highway 41 from the south Fond du Lac County line north to Highway 151.

Construction operations consisted of rubblizing the existing pavement; installing a new asphalt roadway surface; rehabilitating two bridges over Highway F; regrading existing side slopes and shoulders; and installing new high-tension cable guard, landscaping and storm sewer.

A unique aspect of this project was the use of two new types of cable guard that were tested for the first time on Wisconsin’s highways. These cable guards are high-tension systems that are installed just outside of the gravel shoulder along the left lane of traffic. The cable guard acts as a barrier for vehicles that travel onto the gravel shoulder, preventing them from crossing over and hitting oncoming traffic. Upon impact, the cables direct the vehicle towards its original traffic lane while quickly reducing speed until the vehicle is safely stopped on the shoulder.

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