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St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church and School - Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Burlington High School - Burlington, Wisconsin R.A. Smith National provided the site engineering for a facility addition, an expanded parking lot, and a children’s outdoor play area for the day care center.

The proposed expansion would have eliminated part of a street, the municipal boat launch on Fowler Lake, and a large portion of the church parking lot. In addition to significant lake frontage, the church property also abutted City Hall, a large parking lot, and a parking lot serving the downtown retail district.

The design solution included the creation of two parking lots separated by a new children’s play area. Major storm drainage reconfiguration was necessary to avoid the proposed building expansion. Major expansion along the lakefront made protecting the integrity of the lake a major concern. A new boat launch was created to replace the eliminated launch. R.A. Smith National worked with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on the required permitting.

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