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Miller Compressing ALTA Survey Using Boundless™ - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Miller Compressing - Milwaukee, WIAn ALTA/ACSM land title survey prepared by R.A. Smith National illustrates the application of Boundless™. Miller Compressing, Milwaukee, Wis., is a heavy industrial site. Control points have a short life span and many property lines are determined by building corners and rail lines.

Two separate prior surveys, which had located most of the needed section corners, were in Boundless™. These two surveys were unified within Boundless™ and the resulting information imported into a new project database. Spatially merging section corners from these two prior surveys allowed some pre-boundary analysis to be performed in the office. This assisted the crews in establishing the lines of the new survey. The crews only had to occupy one control point from one of the older surveys with an RTK base station to begin working within a pre-established coordinate system.

The current survey of Miller Compressing is tied to the National Spatial Reference System and perpetuated within Boundless™. Miller Compressing will have a direct, high-value positive impact on future surveys in the area.

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