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Stormwater Utility Creation - Villages of Greendale and West Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Stormwater Utility Creation - Villages of Greendale and West Milwaukee, WisconsinThe goal was to create an equitable process by which the Villages of Greendale and West Milwaukee could collect charges from all users of the communities’ stormwater collection systems. An Equivalent Run-Off Unit (ERU) was established for each community. The information used to create an ERU database consisted of parcel location, tax-key numbers, owner identifications, and impervious areas. The data was efficiently gathered and easily analyzed through the use of a geographic information system (GIS) by incorporating tax roll data from the assessor's office and existing topographic and/or aerial maps for the villages.

The proceeds of the charges were to be designated to fund the management of their stormwater systems, including the maintenance, improvement, and reinvestment in existing infrastructure. The funds would also be designated for improvements to the system that were aimed at reducing urban non-point source pollution in stormwater runoff consistent with federal and state regulations.

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