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Pittsburgh Mills - Frazer Township, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Mills - Frazer Township, PAR..A. Smith National provided the sitework engineering on this 285-acre site. The firm also provided visualization/animation services to assist in resolving line-of-sight issues for both the building and site signage.

The mall's finished floor elevation was balanced with the fill needed for an off-site interchange that is being built to support the mall development. R.A. Smith National coordinated this work with the site general contractor and the interchange design consultant. A 250-foot grade differential on site required moving approximately 8 million cubic yards of earth.

Design challenges included working around two high pressure gas lines that could not be disrupted, two abandoned natural gas wells within the mall hardscape, which required venting, and the relocation of three overhead electric transmission towers. In addition, access to the area roadway system required the construction of a new Route 28 interchange adjacent to the site.

The overall site lease plan for Pittsburgh Mills changed nearly 25 times during the final design process. This made it necessary to accommodate changes and provide new plans very quickly – within a few hours to a couple days of the modification, depending on its magnitude. The footprint of the core building was set early on, but the anchor locations and configurations changed frequently until final leases were signed.

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