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Tellabs Corporate Offices - Naperville, Illinois

PNC Bank Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaR.A. Smith National provided site design services on this 55-acre site that includes an 850,000 square foot, six-story, two-tower office building and two 2-level parking garages. The site is located in the City of Naperville, Illinois along the I-88 East-West Tollway.

The project included extensive coordination with city and county officials to overcome concerns related to stormwater management and wetland preservation.

The discharge rates in this county were very strict, and the goal was to increase the time of concentration to the stormwater ponds. Typically, drainage is captured in the vehicle drive areas where it is conveyed to detention ponds via storm sewers. For this site, the owners wanted to follow a more innovative path and decided that water should be collected in heavily landscaped parking lot median areas where rainwater would be filtered by natural vegetation prior to entering storm sewer inlets.

This was achieved by combining traditional engineering techniques with new (in 2000), sustainable methods. Using swales in parking lot islands for filtration, slowing down the velocity of water runoff, and using sedimentation ponds to "clean" the water before it moves into a created wetland pond were just a few of the solutions that R.A. Smith National engineers designed.


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