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Paradise Drive Traffic Counts & Signal Timing - West Bend, Wisconsin

Paradise Drive Traffic Counts & Signal Timing - West Bend, WisconsinThe Paradise Drive corridor in the City of West Bend consists of eight signalized intersections within a 1-mile segment between 18th Avenue and Main Street. Due to recent and proposed developments in the area, traffic characteristics had changed along the corridor and the existing traffic signal timings needed to be updated. 

R.A. Smith National collected peak-hour traffic count information, including vehicle classifications and lane utilization, using Miovision camera technology. The project team used this data to analyze the corridor and develop updated traffic signal timing plans for the weekday morning and weekday evening peak hours. R.A. Smith National analyzed the existing and planned conditions along the corridor to determine required geometric and signal timing improvements to achieve acceptable level of service and minimize delay. A progression analysis was performed to compare the effectiveness of existing and proposed timing plans. The recommended timing plans were provided to the City’s contractor for field implementation. 

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