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Traffic Operations and Pedestrian Safety Improvements - City of Wausau, Wisconsin

Traffic Operations and Pedestrian Safety Improvements - City of Wausau, WisconsinR.A. Smith National was retained by the City of Wausau to analyze traffic operations and pedestrian accommodations at several key intersections throughout the City. These intersections were included in the study as a result of City and citizen concerns based on field observations. Pedestrian accommodations were reviewed at the Stewart Avenue intersection with 18th Avenue and the Bridge Street intersection with Westwood Drive on the City’s west side. Several design and operational improvement alternatives were presented to the City to address pedestrian safety and accessibility concerns.

The study also included an assessment of the Scott Street and 5th Street corridors in downtown Wausau. The project team recommended geometric and operational improvements, as well as optimized the traffic signal timings along both corridors to accommodate expected traffic volumes through the design year (2035). R.A. Smith National also developed recommendations for spot improvements to address lane compliance and safety concerns at the 1st Street intersection with Scott Street.

The findings of the study were presented to the City in January 2014. R.A. Smith National is currently in Phase II of the project, which includes the design and construction plan development for the recommended improvements. The City plans to incorporate these recommendations into City projects starting in 2015.


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