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STH 50 - Walworth County, Wisconsin

STH 50The transportation division was retained by Wisconsin Department of Transportation to design the widening of WIS 50 in Williams Bay from two lanes to four lanes. The golf course adjacent to a portion of the highway was concerned that the widening would destroy the ambience of the course and be detrimental to the caliber of play.

The visualization division was brought in to create images depicting what the potential views from the golf course would be after project completion.

The challenge was to portray the visual impact the widened highway would have on the golf course in terms of vegetation loss, as well as overall aesthetics.

The solution started with field work, which included walking the entire portion of the course adjacent to the highway, to help determine which parts were most vulnerable to the widening project. The start and stop points of the new grading for the widened roadway were then located, consequently identifying what existing vegetation would be impacted. Digital photographs were then taken from each of those areas to document existing conditions.

Through a combination of 3D modeling and perspective matching, “photo matched” exhibits were created, depicting the aesthetic impact on the course.







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