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STH 83 Corridor Study - Waukesha County, Wisconsin

STH 83 Corridor Study - Waukesha County, Wisconsin The transportation division was commissioned to conduct a study of a 17-mile corridor along Highway 83 from CTH NN in Mukwonago north to I-94. The visualization division provided three-dimensional imaging as part of the corridor study. Eleven different photomontage exhibits were prepared to demonstrate proposed road improvements. These images were used in a series of public informational meetings.

The challenge was to as accurately as possible portray the aesthetic impact that the roadway improvements would have on the impacted areas. The solution started with field research to identify those areas that would be most greatly affected by the improvements. Then, the extents of the grading impacts in those areas were identified, which enabled the visualization division to isolate any existing vegetation that would have to be removed. Digital photographs were then taken from each of those areas to document existing conditions.

Through the combined use of 3D modeling and perspective matching, photo matched exhibits were created, depicting the aesthetic impact of the roadway improvements.









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