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Sustainable Design

We contribute to sustainability through realistic design methods and a collaborative project approach in our respective disciplines, which results in a lessened impact on resources, energy and the environment. Whether this is a priority of our clients or required to meet specific standards, mandates, laws or codes, we add sustainable value to projects by minimizing the use of materials, resources, time and money necessary to construct and maintain a project.

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Green Tier

R.A. Smith National 
Green Tier Participant
            R.A. Smith National is a Tier 1 participant in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Green Tier Program. The Green Tier program encourages innovation, collaboration and new environmental goal setting. To be accepted into the Wisconsin Green Tier program, applicants must have a good environmental record, commit to superior environmental performance, and implement an Environmental Management System (EMS). Specific environmental performance strategies are established by the participant, allowing each company to commit to environmental activities that are sensitive to their unique strengths and opportunities.

At R.A. Smith National we are committed to reducing energy and water consumption, and improving waste reduction. We are further committed to the environment and to providing sustainable design through the services we offer our clients. Our sustainable initiatives have included setting up a recycling program; converting all light fixtures to energy efficient T8s and CFLs; and installing a 19.3 KW solar system, a 1.5 KW wind turbine, a 96 percent efficient boiler, and lighting controls. In 2014 R.A. Smith National will continue its mission of improving energy efficiency by working toward the following goals:  decreasing total electricity and natural gas used; decreasing the total gallons of water used; organizing a corporate sustainability team; and obtaining the Energy Star rating for the firm’s Brookfield office.

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Green Professional

R.A. Smith national earned Green Masters ProgramR.A. Smith National has earned the distinction of Green Professional from the Wisconsin Sustainable Building Council.

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Solar Powered

Solar Powered at R.A. Smith National
Installed nearly one year ago, the 84-panel solar array on R.A. Smith National’s corporate office’s rooftop in Brookfield has a total estimated electrical production of 24,300 kwh (kilowatt hours per year).

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